Hello and welcome to my blog covering a variety of topics from technology to genealogy and any other ‘ologies’ that come to mind.


My family’s genealogy can be found on  – an integrated site combining a WordPress front end of family histories, name sources, blogs and comments with the award-winning genealogy software The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building (TNG).    “Our Family History” is about a specific set of related families.

By contrast, on this site I will talk about genealogy in general, across a variety of topics which may include other software products.


I worked in the Technology sector for thirty years before I retired (and I still do some consulting work), and I use technology, a lot.  From music to digital photography, social media and yes, genealogy software too.  I’m also a bit of a Synology fan as well.  And I have some views.  Lots of them.

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Paul Barrett